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Mortgage Advisor Poole

Are you looking for a mortgage adviser to help you with your mortgage in Poole, Dorset? This page should be useful.

About Poole

When you are looking to buy a property in an area, it’s important to know about the location itself. The chances are, if you are on this page, you already know a lot about Poole.

The information below should be of interest to anybody wishing to know more.

Poole is a town, seaport and borough in Dorset, on the south coast of England. The town is 21 miles east of Dorchester and adjoins Bournemouth to the east.

Together with Bournemouth and Christchurch, the town forms the Southeast Dorset conurbation with a total population of over 465,000.

The town’s name derives from a corruption of the Old English word pool meaning a place near a pool or creek.

The area around modern Poole has been inhabited for the last 2,500 years. During the Iron Age, the hillfort henges of Scratchbury Camp and Eye Camp near Wimborne St Giles were occupied by the Celtic Durotriges tribe.

In Roman times, the town was part of the province of Britannia and the civitas of the Durotriges. Read more about Poole.    


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How much deposit would I need for a residential property in Poole?

The deposit required for a property in Poole is the same as in the rest of the country. Buying a property in Poole with as little as 5% down as a deposit is possible.

This is on the basis that you can afford the other 95% on the mortgage according to the mortgage calculators.

For example, if you were buying a property with a purchase price of £350,000, this would mean putting down a deposit of £17,500 and borrowing the remaining £332,500.

If you only put down a deposit of 5%, this will usually result in a higher rate of interest than a mortgage with a larger deposit such as 10% or 15%.

You may also be required to put down a larger deposit if you have had any adverse credit. To check your credit history, you can go to Check My File.

Is Poole good for buy to let investors?

Poole is considered to be a good area for buy to let investors. Some large employers in the Poole area include Sunseekers yachts and many others around the port. As a result, there are many workers in Poole requiring accommodation.

In addition to this, being very close to the commercial area of Bournemouth, there is a large demand for people living in Poole at work in Bournemouth. Poole is also a very popular area for tourists.

Sea in Poole, Dorset

Where are some good areas to explore when living in Poole?

Some good areas to explore around Poole include Brownsea Island, Studland Beach and Durdle Door. Here is a bit of information about each place:

Brownsea Island

Brownsea Island is an island in Poole Harbour. It is notable for its nature reserve and its association with the early development of the Scout movement by Robert Baden-Powell. It is a National Trust property.

The island is home to a variety of wildlife, including red squirrels, rare birds, and ponies. There are also several historic buildings on the island, including a castle and an old monastery.

Studland Beach

Studland beach is a beach located in the Purbeck district of Dorset, England.

It is within the confines of the Studland peninsula and is approximately 4 miles long.

The beach is a mix of sand and shingle and is bordered by the Studland Heath nature reserve.

There is a National Trust car park located at the southern end of the beach.

Durdle Door

Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast near Lulworth in Dorset, England.

The arch is part of the Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door Heritage Coast, which stretches from Old Harry Rocks to St Oswald’s Bay.

It is owned by the Earl of Tankerville and is managed by the National Trust. Durdle Door is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the Jurassic Coast and is a popular spot for walking, climbing, swimming and picnicking.

There is a small beach at the foot of the arch which is only accessible at low tide.

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Where are the best schools in Poole?

Being located close to a high-quality school is at the top of the list of priorities for many people with families. Many buyers will even pay a premium to be within the catchment area of a certain school.

Regarding which schools are best, this is hard to confirm as different children have bespoke educational needs.

However, some schools that are known to be of high standard in the area are Parkstone Grammar School, Poole Grammar School, and Canford School.

Is Poole a good area for commercial investors?

Poole is known to be a good area for commercial investors due to the amount of industry in the area. There is a busy port in Poole so many businesses are located around it.

Depending on the type of commercial property that you had in mind, there should be plenty of opportunities to get commercial tenants if you plan to rent out this property.

Should you plan to occupy the building yourselves and trade from the premises, Poole is also a popular place to run a business.

The town has good transport links and is popular amongst tourists So plenty of foot traffic in Poole.

If I am buying in Poole, do I need my mortgage advisor to be based in Poole too?

You do not need your mortgage advisor to be located in Poole just because you plan to live there yourself. Many mortgage advisors work from a distance and advise over the telephone.

This can allow people to find time to discuss their mortgage requirements without needing to book meetings requiring time off work. This can make the mortgage process more efficient.

If you feel that you need a face-to-face appointment to feel comfortable or understand the mortgage process, you should of course look for a mortgage advisor that is located close by who can give you the face-to-face advice that you need.

If an appointment with a telephone mortgage advisor is of preference, I NEED ADVICE can match you with an experienced mortgage advisor who can tell you your options.

Houses in Poole

What should I be looking at when choosing a mortgage advisor for my property in Poole?

If you are looking for a suitable mortgage advisor to help you with your mortgage in Poole, you should do your research before going ahead with somebody.

A good place to start is the company’s reviews. These should tell you how past customers have found the experience. Another route could be asking for a referral from a trusted person.

There is never a guarantee that your experience will always be the same but it’s worth doing your due diligence when picking a professional.


Poole can be a great place to live with many tourists flocking to the town each year and plenty of industry in the area.

The housing market has remained stable over the long term with the town continuing to be a very popular place to live.

If you are thinking of taking a mortgage for your property in Poole, you should always take professional advice. If you would like I need advice to match you with a qualified mortgage advisor to advise you of your mortgage options, please complete the contact form.

The information on this page is not tailored to any individual readers and should not be considered financial advice under any circumstances.

If you are seeking advice about a mortgage, you should consult a qualified professional.

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