Mortgage Broker Guildford

Mortgage Broker Guildford

We tell you about what you need to know when looking for a mortgage broker to help you buy and mortgage your property in Guildford with some details on the town itself.

About Guildford

When taking a mortgage and choosing a town to buy your property in, it’s a very large decision. Your home is possibly the largest investment you will make so doing your research on the place where you will live is vital.

For anyone that would like to learn more, here is some information about Guildford and its history.

Guildford is a historic market town in Surrey, England, located 27 miles southwest of London. The town is situated at the confluence of the River Wey and the River Tillingbourne, and has a population of around 80,000.

Guildford was founded by the Saxons in the 6th century and was later granted a royal charter by King John in 1214. The town grew steadily throughout the medieval period, and by the 16th century it was the largest town in Surrey.

Today, Guildford is a thriving commercial centre, with a diverse economy based on tourism, retail, and business services. The town is home to the University of Surrey, and is a popular destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment.


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How much deposit would I need for my residential property in Guildford?

This will depend on a number of things including the value of the property, your circumstances as a borrower and the mortgage lender that you end up going with. For instance, your credit history will play a big part in how much you can borrow as lenders want to know how you have conducted credit.

The minimum deposit that you can usually put down for your property in Guildford is 5% of the purchase price. For example, if you were buying the Guildford property for £400,000 and putting down 5%, this would be a deposit of £20,000. You would then need to borrow the remaining £380,000 to make up the £400,000 price.

It is best to take advice from a professional qualified mortgage broker so they will be able to look at your situation and confirm the amount that you would need to put down to buy your property in Guildford.

Is Guildford a good area for commuters?

When you’re looking to take a mortgage to buy a property in Guildford, you should be taking into account whether the local transport and road links work for you.

One of the main advantages of Guildford as a place to live is the transport links to London. A fast train from Guildford into Waterloo makes commuting very convenient as it only takes around 40 minutes. This makes Guildford a very popular town for commuters which may be a good thing when you come to sell your property in the future.

The COVID pandemic saw a lot of people living in London choose to move out of the city and choose spots like Guildford that are within easy commute but offering more space and greenery.

Not only is Guildford great for the railway line, but it is also within short distance of the A3 which runs to both London and Portsmouth.

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Is Guildford a good area for buy to let investors?

Guildford has been a good area for buy to let investment over the years. Where the town has been voted as one of Surrey’s best spots numerous times, it means it’s a sought after location amongst tenants.

Employment has remained high and there are some large employers in the area such as Colgate Palmolive and EA Entertainment.

The town also has a great railway link to London Waterloo making it is a popular choice for tenants that commute to London from Guildford.

Park Barn has been a popular spot for property investors that rent rooms on a room-by-room basis (Houses of Multiple Occupation, also known as HMO’s). This area is close to Guildford Hospital and Surrey University so plenty of demand for rooms from both students and people working at the hospital.

Before purchasing a a property and getting a buy to let mortgage in Guildford, be sure to carry your research on the tax treatment of the rental income. It is best to take advice to a qualified accountant or tax adviser. Find further information form HMRC about rental income and tax.

What are the schools like in Guildford?

When taking a mortgage in Guildford to buy a property to raise your family in, the quality of the local schools will be a big factor. Some people will pay a premium for their house to be within certain catchment areas of a school.

The schools in Guildford are known to be very good. The majority of the schools are rated as Ofsted Outstanding.

The schools in Guildford are of a high standard, with many students achieving excellent results. There is a good range of schools to choose from, so parents and students should be able to find a school that is the right fit for them.

There is no definitive answer to which are the best as different students have different educational needs and preferences. Some schools in the Guildford area with a very good reputation include Tormead School, Royal Grammar School, and Guildford High School. Read more about the Schools In Guildford With This School Guide.

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Where are some good areas to buy a property around Guildford?

This is a difficult question as choosing the best areas to live around Guildford is subjective as people will have different opinions about what they like. Three popular areas however are Cranleigh, Worplesdon and Merrow. Here is some information about each area:


Cranleigh is a village and civil parish in the Surrey borough of Waverley, England. The village is located 36 miles southwest of London and is surrounded by the villages of Ewhurst, Alfold, Bramley, Hascombe, Dunsfold and Rudgwick.

The village has a long history and was recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as having a population of 100.

Cranleigh has a variety of shops and businesses, as well as a number of schools. The village is also home to a number of sports clubs and facilities, including Cranleigh Golf and Country Club, which was founded in 1899.


Worplesdon is a village in Surrey, England. It is located in the borough of Guildford, about 9 miles southwest of the county town of Guildford.

In the 18th century, the village was a stopping point for stagecoaches on the London to Portsmouth Road. The village has a number of historic buildings, including the Grade II* listed parish church of St Mary the Virgin, which dates from the 13th century, and the Grade II listed Manor House, which was built in the 17th century.

The village is home to a number of businesses, including a number of pubs and restaurants. There is also a primary school, Worplesdon Primary School, which teaches pupils aged 4–11. The village is served by two railway stations, Worplesdon and Woking, both of which are on the South West Main Line.


Merrow is a village in the borough of Guildford in Surrey, England. The village is located on the A3 London to Portsmouth Road, approximately 3 miles south-west of Guildford town centre.

The village has a variety of shops and amenities, including a Co-operative food store, hairdressers, a butcher, a bakery, a florist, a chemist, a post office and several pubs. There is also a village hall and a sports ground which is home to Merrow Cricket Club.

Merrow is served by two primary schools, Merrow Church of England Infant School and Merrow C of E Junior School, and one secondary school, George Abbot School. The village is home to the Merrow Downs, an area of chalk downland which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The nearest railway station is Guildford, which is served by South Western Railway.

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Is Guildford a good area for commercial investors?

If you’re a commercial property investor looking for a good place to invest, buying a commercial property in Guildford may be the answer.

If you are planning on occupying your commercial premises yourself to run your business from there, Guildford is within easy reach of the A3 and Waterloo by train making visiting the premises convenient for customers. With the array of bars and restaurants in Guildford, it could a be a great spot to entertain your clients!

If you are looking to buy a commercial property to then let out, Guildford is home to many growing businesses that may be seeking space to occupy. Over recent years, values of commercial property in Guildford have remained steady when compared with other areas in the UK.

Choosing a location to buy a commercial property is not a decision to be made without serious thought and research.

If you are looking for a commercial mortgage for your commercial property in Guildford, you should always take professional advice.

If you would like to find out what commercial mortgages you may be eligible for to buy or refinance a commercial property in Guildford, complete the contact box and I NEED ADVICE will arrange for an experienced commercial mortgage broker to go over your options.

What is the housing market like in Guildford?

The housing market in Guildford has been strong over the long term seeing a steady rise across houses over the last decade. Guildford has remained in high demand as a result of its easy access to London Waterloo and the roads surrounding it making it a great spot for commuters and investors.

The town has also seen a lot of investment with new bars and restaurants which has helped the demand for people wanting to live in Guildford. It is also home to many shops with a selection of shopping centres such as The Friary Centre and Tunsgate.

The market for flats has not been so consistent which seems to be the same across the south of England in general. The pandemic saw many people wanting to live in properties with gardens creating a surge of interest in houses with the knock on effect being that the market for flats. Guildford has also seen an increase in the construction of flats in the last few years meaning there have been more on the market than perhaps before.

To start your search for a Guildford property, best to visit Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market.


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I’m looking to buy a property in Guildford. Does my mortgage broker need to be based here too?

You do not need your mortgage broker to be located near to you when you go to take a mortgage for your property in Guildford.

There are many mortgage advisers that give mortgage advice over the phone and by email which can make getting a mortgage more convenient for the people that find it hard to come to mortgage appointments due to work commitments.

If you would like to speak with a professional mortgage broker to get professional advice for your mortgage in Guildford, I NEED ADVICE can put you in touch with a qualified professional. Please fill out the contact form if you require this.

What should I be looking at when choosing a mortgage broker for my property in Guildford?

Your mortgage for your property in Guildford is a very important transaction so choosing a broker to give you the advice that you need should be done with care and consideration. We would encourage potential borrowers to look for the firms reviews to make sure they are comfortable with the company that they plan to do business with.


Guildford is a very popular and sought after place to live. It has good schools and is a great spot for commuters. The town is being improved all the time with investment back into it and has some nice surrounding villages. The housing market has been steady in Guildford over recent years so it can be a great place to buy a home.

If you know you want to live in Guildford and now need advice about choosing the correct mortgage and mortgage broker to make this happen, I NEED ADVICE can arrange a qualified mortgage broker to help you with your options.

The information on this page is not tailored to any individual readers and should not be considered financial advice under any circumstances.

If you are seeking advice about a mortgage, you should consult a qualified professional.

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