Self Cert Mortgages

Self Cert Mortgages

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What were self cert mortgages?

Self cert mortgages were where an applicant would verify their income without the need to demonstrate it to a lender.
It would be down to the applicant to confirm that they could afford the mortgage and were verifying their income at a certain level in able to be agreed by the lender.

Lenders would be willing to lend the applicants a mortgage without needing to fully underwrite the application. This would mean the lender was not assessing documents such as payslips, p60s and company accounts.

The applicants would opt for a self cert mortgage to speed up the process however it was felt that the lenders should have more of a responsibility to check mortgage applications thoroughly going forward.

This led to lenders no longer offering self cert mortgages and putting processes in place to check all applications or ensuring the mortgage adviser has done this.


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Do self cert residential mortgages still exist?

No, the Financial Conduct Authority stopped allowing self cert mortgages on residential mortgages in 2009. This is because they felt that all lenders should be checking the creditworthiness of each applicant.

It came to light that many applicants were not being 100% honest about their income which can lead to danger when taking a mortgage.

The outlawing of self cert mortgages was to protect the borrowers ensuring that they are in a position to pay their mortgages.

Why did people take self cert mortgages?

The reason people took self cert mortgages was to make the process faster as it would remove the need for underwriting an income.

It would be naive to think though that many people did not choose this route as they felt that if their income documents were assessed, they would not be successful in getting the mortgage.

A company’s profits may have stopped an applicant from borrowing the amount that they needed to get the house that they wanted.
As a result, on some occasions, people opted for self cert mortgages.

The ban from the FCA was to stop this happening helping to clean up the industry.

Would I need a self cert mortgage for a residential purchase if my income is low?

Although you would not get a self cert mortgage for a residential purchase, there may still be alternative options for you if you have low income.

For instance, it would depend on why your income was low. If you are a limited company director and have not drawn much in the way of salary and dividends, there may still be an alternative route with a lender that can look at retained profits within your limited company.

You are a sole trader and your annual profit has been low, perhaps you are coming up to another year-end where your income will be higher.

If this is the case, some lenders will work on your latest year’s income which may put you in a position where you can afford a larger mortgage.

If you do not earn much in the way of an employed income, perhaps you have other income such as benefits or maintenance payments that could also be used towards the mortgage that you have not considered.

Perhaps you could not afford the mortgage on a conventional purchase but may qualify for a scheme such as shared equity or shared ownership. This may allow you to buy a suitable property with a smaller mortgage.

Whatever your scenario is, it’s always best to look for a qualified and experienced mortgage adviser that can assess your situation to see whether there is a lending option for you as often a mortgage adviser can get you a larger mortgage.

If you would like to find out your mortgage options, I NEED ADVICE can match you with a qualified and experienced mortgage adviser. If you would like this, please complete the contact form.

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Do you get self cert buy to let mortgages?

Although lenders will not offer buy to let mortgages on a self cert basis, there are still buy to let mortgage lenders that can consider a buy to let mortgage with no minimum income.

Although many buy to let mortgages require a minimum income of a certain amount, such as £25,000, this is not the case for all lenders.

Some lenders just need to see that the property rents out for the required amount to fit their mortgage rental criteria. With that criteria satisfied, some lenders do not need another income.
Although they would still check the application to make sure all makes sense from a financial point of view, this removes the need for a level of income to qualify for the mortgage.

The buy to let mortgage market is complex so if you are planning on taking a buy to let mortgage, it would be recommended to look for an experienced mortgage adviser that can give you advice on this.

Do you self cert bridging loans?

Much like the buy to let market, there are bridging loan lenders that do not require a certain level of income to qualify for the loan.

The bridging loan would not be offered on a self cert basis as again, the lender and broker have a responsibility to sense check the application to avoid putting the applicant in trouble.

If all is well and the case meets the criteria, this should result in an offer for a bridging loan being produced following underwriting.

Bridging loans are a complex subject with many different options available. As a result, it is always wise to take professional advice from a bridging loan broker when considering your bridging loan options.

There will not be an option for a self cert bridging loan but depending on your circumstances, there should be a solution for you as long as you meet the lender’s criteria.

If you would like I NEED ADVICE to match you with a qualified and experienced bridging loan broker, please complete the contact form.

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Following the removal of self cert mortgages back in 2009, this is no longer an option for borrowers wanting this type of process.
The positive news is many people qualify for a mortgage when they felt that they may not. This is mainly down to a large number of mortgage products on the market and lenders all having different criteria and appetites for certain business.

You are not guaranteed to meet the lender’s criteria but it is always worth talking to a professional adviser to see if you do.

Financial advice is extremely important when taking a mortgage or a bridging loan.

If you would like to talk to an experienced mortgage adviser about your circumstances to find out your options, please complete the contact form.

The information on this page is not tailored to any individual readers and should not be considered financial advice under any circumstances.

If you are seeking advice about a mortgage, you should consult a qualified professional.

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